Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Amnesty at the Detroit Public Library

The Detroit Public Library has launched an amnesty program, which they refer to as their own stimulus package. Library patrons who have overdue books or other items may return them to the library and they will waive the normal penalties; thus allowing patrons to restore their full library privileges. This program is currently on-going and will continue until Saturday, May 9.

In a statement on the library's web site, the need for this program was explained by saying, "Detroit Public Library wants to help the Detroit community cope with the severe economic crisis by restoring library privileges to people not using the Library because they owe for materials past their due date. Public libraries are needed more than ever in times of economic stress for Internet access and information on practical issues of self-education, resume preparation and more."

The Warrendale neighborhood is lucky to served by a really good neighborhood library, the Edison Branch (18400 Joy Rd.). If you have any overdue items, now is the best time to return them to the Edison Branch or any other DPL Branch.

You can also apply the amnesty to overdue items that you returned before this program began. To do so, patrons simply need to visit their neighborhood branch or the circulation desk of the Main Library (5201 Woodward Ave.) and request amnesty for those unpaid fines.

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