Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Mailbag: Endorsements (Part 1)

In response to my dual endorsement of Dave Bing and Freman Hendrix in the mayoral primary, David L. Malhalab wrote in to say:
frank frank
freman hendrix disqualified himself from the mayoral election by playing the - race card - concerning cobo hall.
his opposition is clearly a desperate attempt to appeal to the base instincts of many detroiters -that white suburbanites are trying to steal detroit assets.
cobo hall basement is a disgrace and its needs money desperately - just for maintenance and rehab, not expansion. detroit can no longer afford cobo hall.
cockrel failed to stand up and get the money ($4 - 12 million dollars) he told me mike ilitch (detroit tigers) owes the city, for failing to maintain and secure tiger stadium since 1999)
david bing is worth a try - sooner rather than later.
I will just say this in response: I made my dual endorsement days before Mr. Hendrix made his now infamous comments about the Cobo deal.

And then I was too busy at work to blog until well after the primary election.

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