Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Breaking News: Cockrel Vetos Cobo Rejection

In a breaking news story that has been covered in Crain's Detroit Business, Detroit Free Press and the Detroit News - as well as a dozen or so other media outlets that I don't fee like linking to - Interim Mayor Ken Cockrel has vetoed the City Council's resolution to reject the proposed expansion of the Cobo Conference/Exhibition Center.

A court fight is expected over the question of whether or not Mr. Cockrel has the legal authority to veto this resolution. This litigation is likely to drag out for weeks, if not months. During this time, it's highly unlikely that any further progress will be made on the expansion of Cobo Hall.

In other breaking news, more than 500 Detroit residents are estimated to have called 9-1-1 within the past 24 hours alone to report a crime in progress only to not get any response from the Detroit Police Department. Unfortunately, this is a fairly typical day in Detroit's neighborhoods.

Neither Mr. Cockrel nor anyone of the City Council have done anything significant about this problem.
  • No discussions about how police resources are currently allocated;
  • No action to improve DPD staffing levels - either civilian or uniformed;
  • No action to improve compensation, training or retention among police officers; and
  • No action to improve DPD's infrastructure needs other than a few mini-stations, which have already proven to be ineffective.
And none of the media outlets have reported on this.

My response to these facts is contained here. I encourage everyone to read it very, very carefully.

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