Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Upper Rouge Tunnel Project Begins

The Detroit Department of Water & Sewage has begun its Upper Rouge Tunnel Project. They have installed fencing along W. Warren Ave. and Outer Drive in Rouge Park.

The project's official name, by the way, is the Upper Rouge Tunnel CSO Control Project. I know this, of course, because of the sign that was posted near the construction site.

Several hundred feet of fencing were installed as the first step in this process. The project will take several months to complete and is expected to cost a little over $316 million, all of which is paid for by water revenue.

By the way, for the curious among us, a quick review of the Google machine tells me that the "CSO" in "CSO Control" stands for "Combined Sewer Overflow". The whole process is designed to better accommodate both storm water and waste water as they flow through the area; bringing Detroit's system into compliance with standards from the EPA as well as the Clean Water Act.

A portion of me would prefer to not think about either sewage or sewage overflows. However, if I hadn't Googled that term then I'd probably be wondering about it all night.

Anyway, I wasn't able to make it over yesterday to snap any photos of the work. Luckily, David L. Malhalab was willing and able to lend his camera to the cause. The photos that appear in this post are courtesy of him.

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