Monday, December 01, 2008

Tip of the Week: Preventing Buglaries

One of the most effective crime deterrents are neighbors. People who know you and your family; who watch out for your home as you watch out for theirs.

Of course, with so many vacant homes in the Warrendale neighborhood due to the on-going mortgage crisis, one can no longer count on even having neighbors let alone neighbors who will watch out for you.

In fact, much of the property crimes that we're seeing in the Warrendale neighborhood is on individual blocks with lots of vacant homes. The more vacant homes, the more those occupied homes are targeted by criminals who often see it as an opportunity to score their next drug fix.

The mortgage crisis is something that no blog can fix. However, as part of my weekly Tip of the Week, I'd like to offer a few tips on preventing home burglaries that come to us courtesy of the Los Angeles Police Department. (The Detroit Police Department, of course, doesn't make such tips available on their web site.)
  • Always lock your doors and windows - even if you're just leaving "for a minute";
  • Never leave a house key available under a door mat, in a flower pot or on the ledge of a door. These are the first places that a criminal will look;
  • Exterior doors should have a "dead bolt" lock that goes at least one inch into the door frame;
  • Be sure to have good locks for the garage, cellar, patio and other doors that lead through storage or other areas of the home.
Locks on a cellar door are especially important because, in the infamous case of couple that had been robbed four times in one year, the thieves apparently entered the home through an unlocked cellar door at the rear of their home.

For more crime prevention tips, please check out the LAPD's web site. (*sigh* Just not DPD's useless site.)

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