Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Poetic Justic in the Snow

Once upon a time long, long ago - as in last winter when Kwame Kilpatrick was still mayor - the Department of Public Works would occasionally plow the streets in Detroit. There were cases where they missed a street - or it simply took longer than the standard 24 hours before they came through - but they kind of, sort of did their job.

Today, Detroit has a different mayor and a different DPW. It's been five days since Mother Nature more than seven inches of snow on the Motor City. I'm yet to see a single residential street in Detroit that has been plowed.

The irony of it all hit home this afternoon. I saw a white City of Detroit pick-up truck stuck in the snow in front of my home. It was someone from the Department of Public Works - the folks who are responsible for plowing our streets.

This is my idea of poetic justice.

My only regret is that the driver managed to get his truck free before I could grab my camera and snap a photo. As a result, I can only offer a photo of the unplowed streets.

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