Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Mailbag: Construction

Helen wrote in to say:
I'm so grateful to get the Warrendale blog. It's good to know what's going on around me. I have a question, do you have info on what the city project is going on at Warren and Outer Drive? Looks like some fencing is being put up...something to do with water? Thanks.
Thank you, Helen! It's always great when my neighbors find their way to my little corner of cyberspace.

What you saw is the beginnings of the Upper Rouge Park tunnel project. This is a massive undertaking by the Detroit Water & Sewage Department to improve the way waste water and storm water moves through the area. A good portion of Outer Drive will be closed during this project, likely creating a lot more traffic along Pierson.

You can read more about the project here. (It's a 5 MB file. It will take awhile to download but it makes for interesting reading.)

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