Monday, November 10, 2008

Update on Getting Robbed 4 Times

I mentioned before that I wasn't sure what to tell someone who had been robbed four times in one year and who has been unable to secure any help from the Detroit Police Department. Since then, my in-box has overflowed with suggestions.

Several of them boiled down to "get a dog", "get a gun" or "move". Those are worthy suggestion, but not exactly what I was hoping for.

One of the more interesting suggestions was to plant crimson barberry near all of the windows so that no one enter through them. Crimson barberry will grow to 4 - 5 feet tall (as long as you don't get the pygmy variety) and has thorn bushes, which would deter people from trying to enter through there.

Reportedly, once upon a time, crimson barberry and wild rose bushes were called a "poor-man's barbed wire" for their effectiveness in creating a barrier to entry. Plus, they look a lot cooler than barbed wire or bars on a window.

I also heard from a few people who believe that the Warrendale neighborhood should secede from the rest of Detroit. This is an option that has been discussed off and on for more than a decade now. I personally am opposed to doing something like that because I like being a part of Detroit.

However, one creative individual with an impressive sense of humor came up with this image to inspire a possible Warrendale secessionist movement. I'm opposed to seceding, but I'm all in favor of creative expressions.

Please look closely at the flag and the building in the background.

Heck, I even think that Eugene Delacroix himself would approve of that revision to his classic painting from 1830.

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