Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lawn Art - Cool Warrendale Thing of the Week

I've missed a couple of days worth of blogging because, well, let's face it - work sucks. Regardless, it's high time that I post another installment in Cool Warrendale Thing of the Week series.

This week's winner is the home at the southeast corner of Artesian and Paul Streets. I affectionately call it the Warrendale Sculpture Garden. In reality, it's an ordinary homeowner who has an astonishing collection of lawn sculptures.

I lost track long ago of the number of times when I was at some party or event, started chatting with some random person or another and shortly after I'd tell them where I live, their eyes would light up and they would start talking about this collection of lawn sculptures that they saw when they were in the neighborhood for one reason or another.

This homeowner has created something that is, quite literally, unforgettable. Everyone who has ever stopped to look at it remembers it fondly months or years after they first saw it. More over, they have a desire to share they joy at finding this collection of lawn sculptures with someone else.

This, in my opinion, is the very epitome of coolness. The collection makes its own statement. Everyone who views it does the bragging on its behalf.

For the benefit of those who haven't seen this in person, I have a few more photos of this collection over on Flickr.

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Tracy said...

I googled Warrendale and your blog came up. You make the area look nice, but the crime stats say otherwise. My daughter is moving there (evergreen and warren) and I'm worried. Will she be safe in your neighborhood? Any tips you could give would be awesome!