Thursday, October 02, 2008

DPS Gets Failing Grade in Audit

The Detroit News reported today that the Detroit Public Schools received a failing grade in an audit by the Council of Great City Schools, a nationally recognized organization that represents urban school districts. Some members of the school board were quick to criticize Superintendent Connie Calloway for the findings of this audit, even though most of the problems preceded her tenure.

I personally commend Dr. Calloway for having the vision to call for this audit in the first place. The first step towards solving a problem is to identify precisely what is wrong.

The all-important question though is: now that this audit is complete, what will happen next?

Will the school board use this information to begin making significant improvements within the Detroit Public Schools? Or will this become just one more document that sits on a shelf collecting dust?

Only time will answer that question. In the meantime, the children of Detroit remain trapped in a poorly performing school district.

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