Thursday, October 02, 2008

D-DOT Bus Drivers Protest

The Detroit Free Press reported yesterday that as many as 200 D-DOT bus drivers apparently refused to leave the terminal after one of their co-workers was fired for "multiple disciplinary actions." You can say what you want about former Mayor Kwame M. Kilpatrick, but when a local TV news crew showed city workers not doing their jobs, he fired them. It's a shame that his replacement, Interim Mayor Kenneth V. Cockrel, Jr., hasn't followed that pattern.

This city has too many people out of work for us to put up with bus drivers - or any other city worker - who doesn't want to do their job. If this was a legitimate strike, one that was called by their union because of a contract issue, then that would be a different thing. It's unacceptable for these individuals to decide that they're simply not going to do the job that they're paid to do.

It's also a shame that Mayor Cockrel wasn't willing to take action in this matter.

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