Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another Arson Update

Chief Gary Victor of the Arson Unit attended the Warrendale Community Organization meeting Monday evening night. He confirmed that there is on-going investigation into both the fire at the Dollar Store as well as the former Harry's Department Store. Because this is an active investigation, Chief Victor was somewhat vague in his details.

The most specific point that he divulged is that his unit has specially trained dogs that are used in arson investigations. Those dogs founds traces of an undisclosed accelerate at one of these locations, confirming that it was a case of arson.

He also disclosed that two fire fighters were injured battling these blazes. From my past experience, this means that the investigators on the case are more heavily motivated to arrest the perpetrator than they would otherwise be. (DFD Arson is always motivated, but an injured colleague kicks it up a notch.)

Other details that were discussed in general terms included the steel shutters on the former Harry's Department Store. Those shutter are normally down, but were left up the night of this fire.

Finally, there's also the report that a witness saw an unidentified male throw something into one of the buildings just before it was engulfed in flames.

Again, this is an on-going investigation so the authorities are reluctant to divulge too much information. However, anyone who might know anything about this - or any other arson case - is asked to call 313-596-2940 or 800-44-ARSON.

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