Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Vigilante Shooting

WXYZ-TV (Chanel 7) reported on their noon news that three people assaulted and then shot a man at Joy Rd. and Greenview who allegedly had been robbing homes in the Warrendale area. I couldn't find this story on their web site. However, I'm not surprised that something like this happened.

The Detroit Police Department has been extremely unresponsive to crime outside of downtown and a handful of neighborhoods. It's an unfortunate reality that sooner or later one resident or another would take matters into their own hands.

This, of course, is simply one more reason why I believe that we as a community need to demand some radical changes within DPD. The more crime is ignored by professional police officers, the stronger the temptation will be for citizens to resort to vigilante justice.

When people become vigilantes, concepts like "due process" and "innocent until proven guilty" fade into obscurity, which in turn means that it's inevitable that someone who is wrongly accused will find themselves beaten and shot like the man this morning.

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