Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mayor is Ready to Deal

The Detroit Free Press is reporting that Mayor Kwame M. Kilpatick's lawyers are currently in talks with prosecutors to reach a plea bargain in connection with the various felony charges that he currently faces.

I posted yesterday that I thought it's imperative for Mayor Kilpatrick to strike a deal within the next few days. Once Governor Jennifer M. Granholm removes him from office, which she almost certainly will, his negotiating power will be extremely limited. He will be, to borrow a phrase from cinema and literature, "a dead man walking".

It is unquestionably in his best interest to resolve this in the coming days while he is still the uncontested Mayor of Michigan's largest city. More over, I believe it is in the best interest of everyone in Michigan to have this matter simply go away and go away expeditiously. Every hour that this lingers on is yet another blow to Michigan's economy, psyche and reputation.

For the prosecutors involved, while they could get a stronger sentence if they waited a week, I simply don't believe that is the best way for them to serve their constituents. This affair simply needs to come to an end.

We as a community need to move on. We will have to do it with a new occupant of the Manoogian Mansion, but we will move on.

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