Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mailbag: Emails from the Mayor

I posted the other day about a series of emails that I have received from Mayor Kwame M. Kilpatrick. One of Detroit's newest bloggers, 30sinprogress, wrote in to say:
I play soccer with a Detroit Police officer (and work with his mother). You would be AMAZED to hear the stories of how understaffed they are. It is nothing short of laughable. I could be a bit off... but I thought he was telling me that after the last round of layoffs, the DPD is operating about 30% compared to just a few years ago.

Oh, and I sat on a jury downtown earlier this year. I COULD NOT believe what I saw in the court room. Two officers arrested a known drug dealer, who was actively dealing and carrying a loaded, automatic weapon, and even threatened the lives of a federal agent's family... yet you would have thought the officers were on trial, not the drug dealer, based on the other juror's prejudices against everyone in uniform. It made me sick!

Not that I'm bitter, haha.
I'm well aware of how understaffed the Detroit Police Department is. In fact, earlier this year the Warrendale Community Organization appeared before the Detroit City Council to argue for funding for even more police officers. Both the City Council and Kilpatrick Administration ignored our pleas - a fact that we will discuss quite candidly with everyone in the next election.

As for the bias that those jurors have, that is something that the prosecuting attorney should have identified and dealt with during the jury selection process. It's a shame that he or she did not appear to do that effectively.


whatthehelen said...

Certainly the public's safety is no. 1 priority, but how many of you have tried to deal with the city's other services, specifically, the Water Dept. now headed by Mr. Bozo the Clown, Anthony Adams. Let me tell you that I have had an ongoing "exchange" with the Water Dept. about a non-working meter at this location. This a.m. I attempted to call the Water Dept. YET AGAIN, and after a call that I timed to be nearly 50 MINUTES before I was able to speak to a representative, I advised him that I was on hold for that amount of time and didn't he think that this was just not right? His response was that they have had record times of two hours on hold. Prior to my actually reaching a rep, I had joked with my co-workers that I might have to contact "Bill for Action" to bet some resolution. How sad. To anyone who reads this, I spent nearly 25 years of my life in the central Massachusetts area and I can tell you, this kind of thing DID NOT EXIST. How pathetic this city has become. I keep looking for some hope for this city, but where?

Imara said...

When is the next Warrendale Community meeting? I'd like to come.