Thursday, August 28, 2008

Arson in Warrendale

The Warrendale neighborhood was hit by two case of arson last night - at the former Harry's Department Story on W. Warren Ave and at the dollar store on the southwest corner of Grandville and W. Warren Ave. The former Harry's Department Store had extensive damage to its interior and to the front of the building. The roof of this building also collapsed. It wasn't clear how extensive the damages were to the dollar store.

Fox 2 Morning News reported this morning that a witness saw someone throw something into the former Harry's Department Store and run away. A moment later, the building was engulfed in flames. The dollar store was in flames shortly after that.

Additional photos from these fires are available on my Flickr page.

The Warrendale Community Organization had previously met with investigators from the Arson Unit regarding the number of arson fires in our neighborhood. We will, of course, stay on top of this one as well.

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cttopflight said...

Is it just me or does someone else see a pattern on Warrend business district? This is the fourth fire on Warren in about 3 years. Two of the original fires were rebuilt. I wonder how long it will take to rebuild Harry's old department store and the store next to the dollar store.

whatthehelen said...

Is there a curfew in effect in Detroit for those 18 and younger? If so, what is the time? I wonder if this fire wasn't started by one of the many young people I have seen hanging around on Warren during the summer months. Perhaps someone wanting to "show off" about what a bad a__ they are. The groups I have seen have been within a block or two of these locations.....