Thursday, July 03, 2008

More Stupidity from DPD

I've come to the conclusion that someone somewhere is offering a multi-million dollar prize to the person who makes the stupidest decision in 2008. That really is the only way I can think of to explain some of the blatant nonsense that has come out of the Detroit Police Department's leadership in recent days.

The most recent round of stupidity focuses on the Department's decision to levying $55 fines against anyone whose bicycle isn't licensed. The license in question has been on the books since 1964. However, it's rarely been enforced.

The decision to start enforcing this one - after 44 years of not doing so - is perplexing. It's made even worse by the fact that one can only get this license:
  • At a police station (the closest one to the Warrendale neighborhood is the Northwestern District at 11450 Warwick St.); and
  • Even then, one can only get this license between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.
The fact that one can only get this license during those hours means that most people will have to either take time off of work to go get it, take time off of work to fight the ticket in court or simply pay $55 every time they want to ride a bicycle in Detroit.

None of these options sounds all that appealing.





Ella BULLY-Cummings is not the best and brightest leader of any police department in the country.

She has failed in her job to protect and serve the residents of Detroit. She has failed to make the policy changes and personnel changes that would improve the efficiency and quality of service the Department gives its residents and visitors.

ps: call 911/ or the Wayne County Sheriffs - if you see a party/liquor store, gas station, dollar store or street vendor selling FIREWORKS - Detroit does not allow the sale of fireworks.

Especially fireworks that leave the ground or make noise-M 80's, cherry bombs, M1000's, firecrackers, bottle rockets, roman candles - it could be your house that gets burned to the ground, this week.

Also watch for the sale of 'crack pipes' 4" long glass tubes that have a silk flower in them or disguised as a pen - these are 'crack pipes' and are illegal, and contribute to crime and the decline of neighborhoods.

whatthehelen said...

Detroit's police department sucks. My home was broken into and jewelry and uncashed checks stolen. Police came and it was just like another day to them, but devastating to us. I received a letter a short while later from the security division of LaSalle Bank. They wanted the name of the detective handling the case because they had information on individual(s) who had attempted to cash the checks. I was so pleased because when the police had come to my home to take the report they informed us there had been a rash of similar burglaries in the area. I thought - wow - maybe these invasions could be finally traced. I gave the info to LaSalle and followed up with them. They n3never received a call back from Detroit police. I contacted the police and was given a round around, I also wrote them - never received a response, I even went on the police department website to make myself known. I did receive a "scripted" response, but never heard another thing more. What are Detroit residents to do other than arm themselves?