Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mailbag: Political Candidates

In response to my post about the numerous mayoral candidates, CTTopflight wrote in to say:
If we have too, (that is listen) let's get these people to come to (1) one meeting and not to every meeting every month. I refuse to hear candidates that just pop-up without notice and expects us to hear their platform. Appointments, Appointments, Appointments, Please.
Actually, I was thinking of one opening meeting that is separate from our usual monthly meetings. It would just be the mayoral candidates. We'd start by allowing each of them to make a brief statement; after that there would be a series of questions for them.

I'd like to do a similar meet the candidates event for all of the City Council and City Clerk candidates as well.

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Yossarian said...

Dear W(D)B readers,
I am running for city common council for the third time and need ALL of Detroit's support to win in the Aug. 2009 primary. It is not easy to meet all of our city, and the sooner I am presented with a new opportunity the better. I did meet with Warrendale neighbors on a very rainy day in 2005. I have continued running, since 2002. It would be my pleasure to visit you. I recieved 1,941 votes in the previous election with $0 raised. This means I am the only candidate who can vote my conscience freely. I owe only the voters and God.
If I can't break through the primary, I have wasted years attempting to improve City Hall by a single seat. Please appreciate my humble deeds; It has not been easy.
Joseph (WARREN) Holt
1520 Leverette
Detroit, Mich. 48216