Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Endorsing Gabe Leland

Long-time readers of the Warrendale (Detroit) Blog may well recall that two years ago, I endorsed the Republican challenger for the State House seat in our neighborhood. Today, however, I'm endorsing the incumbent Democrat, State Representative Gabe Leland, who is running for re-election this year.

Over the past two years, as president of the Warrendale Community Organization, I have seen a tremendous amount of growth and accomplishment in Representative Leland. In the past two years, he has taken some important and often unpopular stands:
  • Gabe Leland was one of the primary sponsors of House Joint Resolution BB, which would have amended Michigan's Constitution to provide for a part-time legislature and to cut their pay;
  • With home foreclosures on the rise, Gabe Leland voted for the Michigan Home Loan Protection Act that would put an end to the predatory lending that drove the current mortgage crisis;
  • In spite of overwhelming opposition from the insurance industry, Gabe Leland sponsored legislation that would have required insurance associations to comply with the Open Meetings Act to bring their deliberations into the public realm and make it harder for them to discriminate against inner city residents.
  • Gabe Leland also sponsored the Motor City Make Over in each of the past two years, helping the Warrendale Community Organization clean the southbound Southfield Freeway service drive from Joy Road to Ford Road.
All of this, of course, is in addition to hosting regular meetings with the community and his other duties in the Michigan Legislature, where he sits on four legislative committees.

In short, I believe that State Representative Gabe Leland has proven to be a tremendous asset to the Warrendale neighborhood, to Detroit as a whole and to the people of Michigan. I am proud to offer him my personal endorsement in the coming election.

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