Friday, June 06, 2008

Trash Fire Leaves Pile of Garbage

On Wednesday afternoon, a roll-off container filled with trash caught fire as it was being hauled away. The driver of the truck that was hauling it decided to dump his load on the Southfield Freeway service drive at W. Warren Avenue so that this fire wouldn't spread to his rig. In doing so, he caused both a traffic back-up for cars exiting the freeway and left behind a pile of trash that was approximately 10 feet tall.

The Detroit Fire Department quickly extinguished the blaze. No one was injured. There wasn't any major property damage.

My former classmate, Santiago Esparza of the Detroit News, reported about the fire itself. You can read his coverage here.

Thankfully, the pile of trash has since been cleared away. Although, I still want to know how this fire got started in the first place.

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