Monday, June 30, 2008

Mailbag: To Cancel Or Not To Cancel

I wrote a post a week ago today in which I expressed my frustration at how the Detroit Police Department could muster together a few hundred police officers to provide security for the Target Fireworks, but they can't respond when there is a shooting in the Warrendale neighborhood.

Or when someone tries repeatedly to run down a pregnant woman in the streets.

Or do deal with any of the drug deals that happen repeatedly and openly in our streets.

I mentioned how I toyed with the idea that Detroit should simply cancel these fireworks - and any other event that requires special attention from the police - until we get to the point where the Detroit Police Department can respond every time a citizen calls 9-1-1.

In response, ML wrote in to say:
Just one word, "Amen"!!
Thank you, ML. Thank you.

After screaming at the wind for years, it's refreshing when someone just plain gets what I'm talking about.

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