Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Good Bye, Office Depot

The Office Depot on Ford Rd. in Detroit's Warrendale neighborhood is closing it's doors in a couple of weeks. I've shopped there since the place opened and have always been thrilled with their prices, service and selection. I will miss them.

I spoke with some of the employees and managers at the store. The issue over this closing wasn't the Warrendale neighborhood per se. It's all of the things that have happened around the store.

Once upon a time, there was a Comp USA store next door to the Office Depot. The presence of that store gave them a boost in the traffic. When Comp USA went through a host of changes at the national level, their store in the Warrendale neighborhood closed and that meant less traffic coming into the Office Depot.

Then, when Wal-Mart opened in the former Super K-Mart location on the other side of Ford Road, it meant even less business coming into the Office Depot.

All of this has taken them to the point where they finally decided to close this store.

I will miss them. In the meantime, I wanted to mention for everyone's benefit that whatever is left in the store is being sold at 25% off it's normal price. Beginning on Sunday, anything that is still there will be sold for 50% off. There were quite a few empty isles when I was there yesterday. I would recommend that everyone stop by soon to take advantage of the discounts and to say good-bye to a Warrendale institution.


Nick said...

gotta love walmart- they consistently ruin surrounding businesses.

Rebecca said...

I'm with you, nick. Walmart is evil. Not only do they ruin the surrounding businesses, they drive up taxes in the community. The cost of living goes up, and the quality of living goes down. Ah, the high cost of low prices.