Friday, May 23, 2008

ACCESS Comes to Warrendale

Thanks to the good people at ACCESS, more than 30 volunteers came out to help in the Warrendale Community Garden last weekend. Some of there accomplishments for the day included:
  • Scraping and painting the playground equipment on the Ryan Playground;
  • Raking the lawn clippings so they could be composted;
  • Installing a water barrel near the garden;
  • Tilling the garden area; and
  • Planting our first crops.
The sight of that many people visiting our neighborhood also inspired other residents to get out and lend a hand. Some of the vacant homes in area got their overgrown lawns cut for the first time this season, thanks to a couple of volunteers. There were also several individuals who were inspired to make unsolicited donations to the Warrendale Community Organization to support this gardening effort.

On behalf of the Warrendale Community Organization, I would like to extend my appreciation to everyone at ACCESS, and to those volunteers in particular, for coming out on a Saturday afternoon to lend a hand. I would also like to thank the Red Robin for allowing all of our volunteers to use their restrooms when needed as well as Detroit Synergy for donating a case of bottled water.

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