Tuesday, April 08, 2008

WCO to Appear Before the Detroit City Council

One of the Warrendale Community Organization's goals for 2008 is seek drastic improvements in police response time, both within the Warrendale neighborhood and citywide. Specifically, we believe that the Detroit Police Department needs to hire a lot more police officers in order to meet the demands for police services.

In most major American cities, there is approximately 1 police officer for every 250 residents. In Detroit, that ratio is 1 police officer for every 413 residents.

Mayor Kwame M. Kilpatrick has proposed hiring 300 new police officers in his budget for Fiscal Year 2009. While we applaud Mayor Kilpatrick for moving in the right direction, at the March WCO meeting, we as an organization decided that this wasn't enough. We believe that Detroit needs even more than just another 300 more police officers.

As a result, the WCO will go before the Detroit City Council on Thursday, April 24 at 5 p.m. We will ask them to make improving police response time a higher priority than it currently is in the City's budget.

There is a group of Warrendale residents who originally volunteered to attend this meeting with me. However, I have lost that list. I apologize and hope that most of them read this blog. If you are interested in attending, please send me an email at frank.nemecek [at] gmail.com.

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I would like to appear before City Council, the last time I did was 2003. I was only the first police officer to appear before Council seeking to advise them of the problems and improvements needed in the Department.
I heard racist comments from Joann Watson, stupid comments from Alonzo Bates and Sharon McPhail, who begged me to show her in the City Charter, how the Council could control the Mayor - saying, we have a strong Mayor form of government. How pathetic they were.
Only Maryann Mahaffey acknowledge any understanding of what I was saying and the seriousness of the issue.
Today, almost 5 years later, the Detroit Police Department has placed the lives of Detroit residents (not citizens / USA citizens, Detroit residents), visitors and police officers in greater danger than ever before.
The Mayor and his booble-headed police chief, Ella BULLY-cummings, have closed one half of the police precincts and thus also - jail space, allowing criminals to go free because there is no place to house them.
They have failed to approve a new police headquater.
They have failed to approve a new jail with prisoner medical facilites, that is costing Detroit taxpayers, millions of $$$ in unecessary prisoner medical costs.
They have created overcrowding in district stations, and the response time to 911 and morale among police officers.
They have made bad decisions about not replacing the Crisnet report system - that is wasting paper and the officers time.
There is more more more -
all that I have said is true and validated by DC Ronald Haddad. His memo confirmed all that I said was true, and that the Department was failing its residents.
Detroit Police officers have not failed Detroit residents, its police chief and executives have.
Time for a change of police chiefs and mayor. Right Now.