Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Ken Cockrel Stops By the WCO

I wasn't able to attend the Warrendale Community Organization's April meeting last night. I had to work until 10 p.m. yesterday. (Yes, I curse my need to earn a living.)

However, the other officers ably stepped into the void. Everything that I heard was that it was well-attended and productive meeting.

The interesting headline from the event was that Kenneth V. Cockrel, Jr., President of the Detroit City Council, stopped by the meeting. This is the second time that President Cockrel has visited the WCO since assuming his current role, with the previous one being in September 2006.

Thanks to David L. Malhalab for sharing this photo from the meeting.

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Ken Cockrel,Jr. did stop by the Warrendale Community Organization meeting, along with Councilwoman, Brenda Jones.
Cockrel said that he doesn't believe that the Mayor's stimulus package is a stimulus package, because it doesnt get money into the hands of people who need it. He said the Mayor's proposal is like using a credit card - spend now and worry about paying later.
Cockrel also, said that although its been over a year + since he made that state the Mike Ilitch owes the City money for Tiger Stadium (he denied using those words) that he hasn't been able to determine if Ilitch owes the City money ($2-$12 million dollars) that he took for the maintenance and security of historic Tiger Stadium. That's a long time to ignore such an expenditure of money and not have accountability -
no wonder the Mayor thinks he can get away with anything - is anyone watching the till.