Monday, February 11, 2008

Warrendale Meets The Onion

It has finally happened! Detroit's Warrendale neighborhood has become famous enough that it warrants being a target for The Onion.

The web site that pioneered the concept of fake news and free slinging sarcasm has decided to make fun of Warrendale for a community garden that doesn't even exist. If anyone else had written such an article, I would be offended, but let's face it, this is The Onion. These guys make fun of everything.

The fact that the guys at The Onion decided to make fun of Warrendale simply means that we're becoming famous enough to be noticed by folks who don't live in the Detroit area.


WestBankArn said...

Frank, I saw that story in the Onion - and good for you for being such a good sport about it. I lived in Detroit from September 1952 through February 1966 - the first three years around U of D, then at 7 Mile and Dequindre. I loved every minute! What bothered me about the Onion story is that I had never heard of Warrendale. Does it have boundaries? I would sure like to know.

When I first moved there (from South Haven, MI) the first thing I noticed was there didn't seem to be any named neighborhoods - I was born in Chicago, and spent a lot of time visiting there (here, now) and of course they're big things here - 76 of 'em, official census tracts.

But I just have such great memories of Detroit. The Venice Cafe on Puritan near Livernois was my second home. Worked at Holley Carburetor at 9 Mile and Hoover for six years. I hope I can post some more here.

Arn Nelson, from Foster Beach, Chicago

cttopflight said...

I would like to start a Warrendale Community Garden, as of this post I have not read the article, but will indeed. I want to say thanks in advance to the Onion for helping me get the word out, which I only talked about on this blog just recently. Any leaders in the community who wishes to participate in a planning meeting for the Community Garden can reach me (Carla Thomas @ 313.784.8804). Early March Meeting Proposed. Call Me Today.

Nick said...

cttopflight, count me on board for the summer, there are alot of resources out there in detroit to get one started.