Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mission Accomplished

During the Warrendale Community Organization's regular monthly meeting, we decided to lobby the City of Detroit to hire more police officers. I started making some phone calls; scheduling meetings with various officials so that WCO members could express our collective view.

And then it happened.

This past Monday, at the Great Northwest District Community Relations Meeting, Chief Ella M. Bully-Cummings announced that the City of Detroit was looking to hire 350 new police officers. The next day, during an interview with the Detroit News, Mayor Kwame M. Kilpatrick upped it even more - telling reporters that the City was looking for 500 new police officers.

This still isn't as many new police officers as Detroit needs when one considers the current ratio of police officers to residents. However, this is a tremendous move in the right direction, especially when one considers the City's current financial condition.

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cttopflight said...

HOORAY! What's next? I learned recently that Ryan Playground on Faust and Kirkwood was on the city's reposition list. This concerns me, Warrendale does not have many green spaces available. And I am requesting the city rec department to allow the playground to be used as a possible site for the community garden. I would like for the community to get involved with the revitalization of this park, and rally so that the city would not be allowed to sell off this property of valuable green space for profit. I'm only going to assume that they would only rezone this use for residential, and with the current housing market Warrendale has it share of vacant properties for sale. The city also stated that the parks on the resposition list were parks in neighborhoods that were desolate and by no means is Warrendale desolate. I am in need of community cheer leaders that is willing to commit the success of a community garden with leaders representing the current ethnic make-up in Warrendale. Polish-American, African-American, Latino-Meixcan and Arab-American. If I can I would like to speak and/or present a flyer at the upcoming WCO meeting regarding "Dream Session" a community leader planning meeting for the Warrendale Community Garden, to be held on Monday, March 17 at Edison Branch library from 6-7:30 pm, please let me know Frank, thanks Carla