Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mailbag: Next WCO Meeting

Cttopflight wrote in to ask:
Is the WCO Meeting tonight?

What was decided on (WCO) agenda for the year?
The next WCO meeting will be on Monday, March 3rd at 7:00 pm. at St. Thomas Aquinas Church. (We had to change the meeting day in order to accomidate the church's needs.) The church is located at 5845 Auburn St., which is two blocks east of Evergreen. Please enter through the middle doors.


Helen said...

I am moving back into Warrendale by this weekend. I am concerned about this neighborhood that I left in 1977. Life's circumstances have me coming back to a piece of property that my mother left me. What exactly does your group do? I may want to become involved. Thank you.

Helen K.

cttopflight said...

Welcome back, my neighbor behind my house has also just recently moved back into the neighborhood with property she acquired from her parents also. By the way I'm Carla Thomas, precint delegate district 18-71 and your soon to be community garden coordinator. I too am very intertested in working with the community group.

cttopflight said...

Action Planning Team Meetings
Skillman Cody/Rouge and Northend: Let's Get to Work!
Come particpate in the Action Planning Teams. Join your neighbors in planning specific strategies to meet your community goal.
When: Saturday, March 29 from 9am to 3pm and Saturday, April 19 from 9 am to 3pm
Where: Wayne State University, General Lectures Hall Auditorium: 5045 Anthony Wayne Drive, Detroit, MI 48202 (located at teh corner of W Warren Ave and Anthony Wayne Drive, just one block east of the lodge Freeway Service Drive)
Childcare provided by The Detroit Parent Network 9for children who are potty trained; youth myust be 17 and younger)
Continental breakfast and boxed lunch will be served.
For more information, call your community liason: Cody/Rouge, Kenyetta Peoples --313.213.1346 or
Spanish and Arabic interpreters available

Helen said...

Unfortunately I work every weekend. It sounds as if you got to the meeting this past week. How many people are in this group?

cttopflight said...

I did make the community meeting, there were about 15 in attendance. Representatives from Brenda Jones, Robert Ficano and Alisha Bell were on hand as well as the community relations officers from DPD. The group decided to continue with their efforts to pursue more police officers to be hired within the city. The officer to people ratio is off even with the 500 new hires.

I won't be able to make this cluster meeting with skillman as well, I was hoping that Frank could post this info as a subject heading. I encourage others who can attend. I spoke with Parks n Rec and they semi-agreed for the garden in Ryan Park with the approval of site plans which will be submitted soon after March 15 Dream Session. The city would like to reposition this park 1.5 miles north of its location. Craig could not tell me where they plan to place this park, there is no available land for this project.

Jan said...

I'm one of the board members from WCO and am interested in attending the Dream Session. At Monday's meeting you mentioned it was on Monday, March 17 at Edison Branch Library at 6pm. But you mention March 15 in a previous post. Can you confirm the time and date please. Thanks! Jan

cttopflight said...

Warrendale Community Garden
"Dream Session" will be on Monday, March 17 from 6-7:30 Edison Branch Library on Joy and Southfield.

I forgot to change my calender, I was looking at February's Monday the 15th. Thanks, Carla

Nick said...

Hey Frank

does the WCO print a community Newsletter and distribute it to the houses in the community?

cttopflight said...

That's a great idea, we could even get Comerica and/or Bank One to sponsor the printing costs.