Thursday, December 27, 2007

Clearing the Streets

I posted last week about how snow plows had missed some residential streets, both in the Warrendale neighborhood and throughout the city as a whole. As a dedicated blogger and resident, I felt it was my duty to do something about this.

And so, I have made sure that the streets were cleared.

More importantly, I did it with style.

Late last week, I gathered together a group of young professionals - attorneys, public relations people and sales professionals - for an evening of drinking at the Warrendale Pub, 3 Nicks and elsewhere in the neighborhood. All of which was followed by breakfast at L. George's at a little after 2 in the morning.

How does all of this relate to snow covered streets getting cleared?

Simple. That evening was a gathering of lawyers, PR folks and sales pros. In short, a lot of hot air.

And the snow promptly melted away.

It was a grueling price to pay for clear streets. However, I've learned to do what has to be done and do it with style.


Rebecca said...

HA! We'll probably be needing those services again tonight!

FrankNemecek said...

Don't worry. I'm always ready to bring people back for more drinking.

Kit Hodge said...

Hey Frank,

Thought you might want to reward your neighbors with some of my non-profit's "Thank you for shoveling" cards ( They're a friendly way to encourage more people to shovel during the snow season.

Anyway, great story!

Kit Hodge
Neighbors Project

The Spotlighter said...

Looks like time for more getting plowed, Frank. Heyden Street has been waiting for over twelve years, and I don't think today is going to be the day it finally happens.

I have shoveled the walks in front of two vacant houses. It helps keep them from looking abandoned, which helps keep squatters and copper-strippers out.

The Spotlighter said...

Heyden Street maintains its perfect record! No plow has touched this street, ever. At least not for over 12 years. My wife saw some contractors on some of the streets east of Evergreen, but for some reason, nothing between Evergreen and Rouge park got plowed. Maybe it's the same reason as always, which I don't know. The end result is the same, though; two icy grooves in the middle of the road. Oh, and apparently you have to keep your speed above 40 mph when driving in the groove.

We might as well live in the suburbs for what we get in the way of services out here. Of course, we'd have to live with those people and someone might mistake me for one of them. Just thinking about it makes me feel so dirty.