Thursday, December 27, 2007

Clearing the Streets

I posted last week about how snow plows had missed some residential streets, both in the Warrendale neighborhood and throughout the city as a whole. As a dedicated blogger and resident, I felt it was my duty to do something about this.

And so, I have made sure that the streets were cleared.

More importantly, I did it with style.

Late last week, I gathered together a group of young professionals - attorneys, public relations people and sales professionals - for an evening of drinking at the Warrendale Pub, 3 Nicks and elsewhere in the neighborhood. All of which was followed by breakfast at L. George's at a little after 2 in the morning.

How does all of this relate to snow covered streets getting cleared?

Simple. That evening was a gathering of lawyers, PR folks and sales pros. In short, a lot of hot air.

And the snow promptly melted away.

It was a grueling price to pay for clear streets. However, I've learned to do what has to be done and do it with style.

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