Thursday, December 27, 2007

Bomb Threats at Lessenger

I missed this one last week, with all of the chaos that ensues from the Christmas holiday, but I wanted to at least mention it.

According to the Detroit News, there was a bomb threat last week at Lessenger Elementary-Middle School (8401 Trinity - (313)945-1330). It does not appear that there actually was a bomb in the school, just a phone call.

I seriously hope that the police catch whoever it was that made those threats and threw the school into chaos.

Clearing the Streets

I posted last week about how snow plows had missed some residential streets, both in the Warrendale neighborhood and throughout the city as a whole. As a dedicated blogger and resident, I felt it was my duty to do something about this.

And so, I have made sure that the streets were cleared.

More importantly, I did it with style.

Late last week, I gathered together a group of young professionals - attorneys, public relations people and sales professionals - for an evening of drinking at the Warrendale Pub, 3 Nicks and elsewhere in the neighborhood. All of which was followed by breakfast at L. George's at a little after 2 in the morning.

How does all of this relate to snow covered streets getting cleared?

Simple. That evening was a gathering of lawyers, PR folks and sales pros. In short, a lot of hot air.

And the snow promptly melted away.

It was a grueling price to pay for clear streets. However, I've learned to do what has to be done and do it with style.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Plows Missed Some Streets

According to the Detroit News this morning, there are between 100 - 200 residential side streets throughout Detroit that did not get plowed. The contractors who are assigned to do it are still required to plow, but they won't be paid as much as they would have if the job had been completed within 24 hours.

The full story is on-line here.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Schedule of Health Classes

The Joy-Southfield Community Development Corporation will present a free seminar on "Healthy Eating & Physical Activity" on Saturday, January 12 at 10:30 a.m. This seminar will take place at the Joy-Southfield Health & Education Center (18917 Joy Rd. - (313) 581-7773 ext. 105).

More details for this, and other up-coming events, are available on-line here.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Next WCO Meeting

The next meeting of the Warrendale Community Organization will be on Wednesday, January 30, 2008 at 7 p.m. This meeting take place in school building at St. Thomas Aquinas Church (5780 Evergreen Rd - (313) 271-3266).

In between now and then, the WCO is planning its operations for 2008. At this meeting, that plan will be presented and approved by the membership.

All Warrendale residents and businesses are invited to this meeting. Please enter the school through the middle doors off their parking lot.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Safety for the Holidays

With the holidays upon us, I think it's a good idea to review a few safety guidelines. Detroit Fire Marshal Charlie Pritchett urges Detroiters to observe fire precautions when using lights, decorations and Christmas trees.

"It's easy to forget about fire safety during the holidays," Fire Marshal Pritchett said in a statement. "Taking the time now to remember a few safety tips is the best way to ensure a safe and happy holiday season."

If you use a natural Christmas tree you should make certain that the trunk is sticky with resin and the needles bend as opposed to break. He also recommends the follow steps for natural Christmas trees.
  • Keep the tree away from any heat source, such as a heat vent, radiator or fireplace;
  • Keep your tree full of water and check it daily;
  • Avoid trees sprayed with coloring because those chemicals may be flammable;
  • Trim the lower branches to avoid eye injuries to small children;
  • Dispose of your tree quickly after the holidays; and
  • Avoid the use of candles near combustible decorations, curtains or other flammables.
If you use an artificial tree then Mr. Prichett recommends not putting any lights on aluminum trees. He also recommends not using combustible-type materials for decorating.

Regardless of whether you use a natural or artificial tree, he recommends keeping it out of exit paths.

When it comes to lights, Mr. Pritchett also suggests Detroiters replace strings of lights that have worn or frayed cords. He also recommends that we:
  • Buy only lights that have been tested and carry a seal, such as that of the Underwriters Laboratories (UL);
  • Do not plug more than three sets of lights into one extension cord;
  • Replace blown fuses with same size fuses, never with a larger size. Some appliances may have to be turned off or plugged into another outlet on a different circuit to remedy the condition;
  • Make sure lights used outdoors have been approved for that type of use and are waterproof;
  • Don't leave the holiday lights on overnight or when away from home;
  • Don't leave candles burning overnight and do not leave lit candles unattended at any time.
People who smoke should also observe safety precautions during the holiday season. Smokers should keep smoldering cigarettes and cigar butts away from gift wrappings and away from Christmas trees, light and other holiday decorations. Smokers should check furniture for fallen ashes and also empty ashtrays into a metal container with a cover or into the toilet.

Fire safety precautions also must be observed when using kerosene and electric space heaters. The Detroit Fire Department does not recommend or encourage the use of kerosene heaters.

Detroiters who insist on using kerosene space heaters should use only fuel recommended by the manufacturer. In addition, the Department recommends:
  • Fill the heater outdoors and do not overfill;
  • Properly ventilate the room where the heater is located;
  • Operate the kerosene heater on a drip pan to contain any spills;
  • Place the heater at least three feet away from any ordinary combustibles, which includes household furniture;
  • Have at least one multi-purpose fire extinguisher nearby;
  • Do not place clothes or furniture near the heater; and
  • Do not leave children alone with heaters or operate heaters in children's sleeping areas.
For more information about fire safety, please call the Detroit Fire Department Community Relations Division at (313) 596-2959.

Let It Snow, Let It Snow

All of southeastern Michigan is digging out of major snow storm at the moment. The Warrendale neighborhood is no exception to it. There are almost 7 inches of fluffy white snow on ground right now, according to the Official Warrendale Snow Gauge (a ruler in my backyard). More continues to fall,

I spoke with Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's office this morning. The City's Department of Public Works will plow a 10 foot wide path down the middle of all residential streets in Detroit. It will likely take up to 24 hours for the City, and its contractors, to complete this task.

If you can move your car off the street, it's a good idea to do so in order to minimize the chances of your vehicle being damaged.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Reminder: WCO Meeting Tonight

A quick reminder to everyone that tonight is the December general membership meeting for the Warrendale Community Organization. The meeting will happen in the school at the St. Thomas Aquinas Church (5780 Evergreen) at 7 p.m. tonight. Please enter through the middle door of the school.

There are just a couple of business matter on the agenda tonight. After that will be the group's annual holiday party.

If you're not familiar with how to get there, please feel free to type their address into Google Maps and take a virtual tour of the area.

Google Street View - Now In Warrendale

It is so darn weird to see an image of your own house on Google. Regardless, that's what I was looking at a moment ago.

Google Street View is now available for much of Detroit, including the Warrendale neighborhood. Instead of a simple map of a given area, I can now log on and see a 360 degree view of that same area. I can also "walk" down a given street on a virtual basis.

This is so cool. In fact, it's cool enough to be the Cool Warrendale Thing of the Week.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Congrats to Girl in the D

One of my fellow Detroit-based bloggers, Girl in the D, was named "Best Blog" by Ambassador magazine. I met the Girl in the D and her husband at a fireworks party that some mutual friends of our had almost 2 years ago. Back then, the Warrendale (Detroit) Blog wasn't even a thought in my head.

She started her blog with a simple mission, to promote the positive news about Detroit in an effort to off-set what seems at times to be a never ending assault of bad news.

Congrats, Girl! You deserve all of the accolades that you are getting.

Friday, December 07, 2007

December WCO Meeting

The Warrendale Community Organization will hold its December general membership meeting at the St. Thomas Aquinas school (5780 Evergreen Ave. - (313) 271-3266) on Wednesday, December 12. The meeting will start at 7 p.m.

There will be a short meeting before the organization's annual holiday meeting.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Health Education Classes

The Joy-Southfield Community Development Corporation is offering free HIV testing and counseling, along with a free sex education class and free condoms this coming Saturday, December 8 at 10:30 a.m. This event will happen at the Joy-Southfield Health & Education Center (18917 Joy Rd. - 313-581-7773).

The Joy-Southfield CDC will also offer a series of other health classes in the coming year. The ones that have been announced so far include:
  • Healthy Eating & Physical Activity on Saturday, January 12;
  • Cervical Cancer on Saturday, January 26;
  • Heart Health; on Saturday, February 9;*
  • Asthma & Allergy on Saturday, March 8;
  • Minority Health Issues on Saturday, April 12; and
  • Stroke Awareness on Saturday, May 10.*
The classes marked with an asterisk will be held at Second Grace United Methodist Church (18700 Joy Rd. - 313-838-6475). All other classes will be held at the Health & Education Center.

Each of these classes includes free food, free medical supplies and, of couse, free advice.