Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What Can the W.C.O. Do For You?

A little over a year ago, I posted a question to this blog that never got answered. On August 23rd of last year, I asked: What can the W.C.O. do for you?

What is it that a neighborhood group like the Warrendale Community Organization could do that would motive you to get more involved than you currently are?

Would you like to a Shop Warrendale initiative to promote retail businesses in the neighborhood? Detroit Synergy does a similar program every December in the downtown, Midtown and New Center neighborhoods. It wouldn't be that hard to expand such a program to include the Warrendale neighborhood.

Would you like the group to act as a liaison with the Mayor's Office and the City Council?

There have been various community initiatives over the years intended to combat prostitution, drug trafficking and crime in neighborhoods. They have had varying degrees of success. Would you be interested in seeing something like that happen in the Warrendale neighborhood?

To everyone who reads this blog I ask: what is it that the Warrendale Community Organization can do that would cause you to become more involved in the neighborhood than you currently are?

Please feel free to share you thoughts by leaving a comment below. As the newly elected president of the W.C.O., I look forward to reading your thoughts.


Rebecca said...

Yes, yes, yes, and yes. All of these things. It's unreal how much crime has increased in the last couple years or so. Not to mention how desolate our neighborhoods have become (although that's not just a Warrendale issue). I bet at least one in four (yes 1/4)houses in my two-block range neighborhood is empty. Something to let potential criminals know these empty homes/businesses are being watched by the neighbors would be an idea - some kind of Warrendale-wide campaign. I also would like to see more interaction between residents and police. We need more of a personal relationship.

Just a couple of ideas to get you going...

FrankNemecek said...

Thanks, Rebecca.

Anonymous said...

whatever happened to those welcome to the warrendale community banners taht use to hang on the lightposts on warren