Monday, November 12, 2007

Results from the WCO Elections

The Warrendale Community Organization held its regular monthly meeting this evening to elect a new crop of officers on an interim basis and to adopt new by-laws.

The officers are:
  • President: Frank Nemecek
  • Vice President: Rev. Patricia Butler
  • Corresponding Secretary: Ethel Thomas
  • Recording Secretary: Janice Slomba-Koss
  • Treasurer: Steve Thomas
  • Membership Chairperson: Amy Smyth
  • Sergeant-at-Arms: Robert Engle
  • Trustees: Arlene Byczek, Michael Dziadziola and Mary Volker
  • Members-at-Large: Susan Bittikosm, Wayne Lovae and Thelma Wisniewski
There was also a proposal for the WCO to pursue a bingo license as a fund raising tool. However, the measure was defeated.

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