Thursday, November 08, 2007

I Need A New Camera

I really need to get a new digital camera and start carrying it with me all the time when I'm in the Warrendale neighborhood. (Most of the photos here are either stock ones or ones that I've used before.) I see some of the most interesting things while I'm out.

Last Saturday, on the Southfield Freeway just south of W. Warren, there was a guy in a black SUV who was towing a trailer. Whatever it was that was inside this trailer must have caught fire. I could see the smoke from 2 blocks away. No one got hurt, luckily, but it would have made for some spectacular photos.

Yesterday, I saw something that I haven't seen since I was living in New York. There was a car driving along W. Warren Ave, just west of the Southfield, that had a diplomatic license plate on it. I would see those license plates all the time in New York or Washington, DC. However, this is the first time I've ever seen one in the Midwest.

I checked the phone book: there are seven foreign governments that have office in the Detroit area. Canada, Italy, Japan and Lebanon all have consulates in downtown Detroit. Yemen has a consulate in Dearborn. The French Trade Commission has an office in Troy. I wonder which one of them was in the Warrendale neighborhood recently?

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