Monday, July 09, 2007

Thoughts on Fireworks

Every summer, one can hear and see illegal fireworks being set off throughout the Warrendale neighbor- hood and its surrounding areas. It seemed there was even more of them than last year, but almost no enforcement of them.

While there weren't any major accidents involving illegal fireworks this time in Warrendale, there certainly were some else where. We got lucky.

One of the things that my fellow blogger, David L. Malhalab, pointed out in his posts on the subject is that as much as 60% of the calls for police service that involve reports of shots being fired turn out to involve fireworks. This, of course, pulls officers' extremely limited time and resources away from other things.

More importantly, a report of shots being fired isn't exactly something that the police can afford to simply ignore under the assumption that it's just fireworks.

There is also the persistent risk of property damage, or injury to innocent bystanders, when fireworks are used improperly. For more on this subject, please check out his posting here.

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