Monday, July 16, 2007

Tax Cuts Coming to Warrendale

Mayor Kwame M. Kilpatrick announced his proposed neighborhoods for the second round of Neighborhood Enterprise Zone tax cuts. That portion of the Warrendale neighborhood that is west of the Southfield Freeway is getting a property tax cut of between 18 - 35%.

This proposal is still subject to approval by the Detroit City Council. The Council has scheduled a hearing on Mayor Kilpatrick's proposal for Wednesday, July 25 at 10 a.m. in the 13th Floor Auditorium of the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center (map available here).

All Detroit residents are encouraged to attend this hearing.

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Thomas said...

The city should give tax break consideration to any property owner that can document significant repairs and or improvements to their house or business, landlords or residents. I own a house in Warrendale that I originally coowned with a brother that passed away in 2004. I probated the estate and have a deed in my name. I have spent a subtantial amount on the home and keep the taxes paid. In January I went downtown to pay the taxes and requested that the tax bill to my address in Sumpter Township. They photocopied the deed and a few weeks later I received a reassessment in the mail the taxes were raised $450 to $1880. I planned on going down to appeal the assessment, but misread the deadline and missed my chance. I know the city (like the rest of the nation's cities) is strapped for cash but overtaxing the property owners is just going to promote more departures. Since the 67 riot big business can come in and get anything they want but it never seems to translate into significant improvements for the resident's. When I read that $300,000 a year is spent to maintain Tiger Stadium it makes no sense. Yes it is a drop in the bucket but symbolic of ineptitude, every major city has torn down the old sports facility as soon as it was out of use, get over it tear it down. Stop strangling the property owners then feeding the wealthy with our money.