Monday, May 21, 2007

Motor City Makeover: Warrendale

The Warrendale Community Organization and State Representative Gabe Leland sponsored this year's Motor City Makeover in the Warrendale neighborhood. A total of 34 volunteers from the WCO, Motor City Blight Busters and Americorp helped clean the southbound service drive of the Southfield Freeway.

The entire clean-up effort was also supported by several companies and their generous donations. The donations included:
  • CVS donated cash to support the efforts;
  • Greening of Detroit loaned the WCO tools;
  • Pizza Place donated five pizzas for volunteers;
  • Red Robin donated cash to support the efforts;
  • Sajewski Funeral Home donated cash to support the efforts;
  • Sherwood Food Distributors donated hot dogs for volunteers;
  • Tipperary Pub donated space for a staging area; and
  • Wendy’s donated french fries and soft drinks for volunteers.

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