Monday, April 23, 2007

WCO Goes on Sabbatical

At their April general membership meeting, the Warrendale Community Organization decided unanimously to put the organization on a haitus until September. No one really wanted to do it. However, it has been clear that everyone involved with the WCO has put so much into the organization over the past several months that they simply needed a break.

The day of their next membership meeting has not been determined. Once it is, it will be announced on this blog.

In spite of this, the WCO will still have its annual neighborhood clean-up as part of Motor City Makeover. The clean-up will happen on Saturday, May 19 along the Southfield Freeway service drive. This year's clean-up will be coordinated by State Representative Gabe Leland.


Rebecca said...

Good to know, Frank, but what's been up with the missing blogger? Don't tell me there's NO other Warrendale news... like what's the deal with the large packs (larger than EVER) of teenagers aimlessly wandering our neighborhoods?

Anonymous said...

You've got that right Rebecca.
Wait till the weather really
warms up. It will get worse.
At least the refurbished building
on Warren between Auburn and
Minock looks good. Anybody know
what it might become?

Anonymous said...

There is increasing drug traffic, and this cannot be tolerated.