Wednesday, April 25, 2007

30 Day Amnesty on Water Bills & Taxes

Mayor Kwame M. Kilpatrick announced a 30-day tax amnesty program, which began on Monday, April 16. Penalties will be waived on unpaid income taxes (prior to 2005) and personal property taxes through May 16.

Last year the City of Detroit only collected 77% of the personal business property taxes owed. Once the amnesty period is complete, the City will begin an aggressive collection process. The Detroit City Treasurer's office anticipates $8 million in revenue from this one time program.

Individuals wishing to take advantage of this program are encouraged to come to the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center, Room 136, to receive their personal business property tax information or Room 510 for their income tax information. Back taxes must be paid in person. Those seeking more information about the tax amnesty program should call 311 from a landline telephone or 313-224-INFO.

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Anonymous said...

"Amnesty", in any form is greatly appreciated. However, I think that the 30 day period is to short a period of time. Most citizens have to try to arrange outside financing and the process normally take at least 60 days. In my case I just completed and got approval to pay taxes owed from the previous owner by the mortgage company and now the preogram is over. I am hard broken because I am trying to save a home and assuming the responsiblity for the previous owners neglect.. I really need to talk to somebody..