Monday, March 12, 2007

Mail Bag: World on Warren Avenue

In response to an article in the Detroit Free Press about Warren Avenue, and my blog post about it, Rebecca wrote in to say:
This was a great article. Thanks for posting it, Frank, but I find it rather sad that they skipped right over Warrendale. So far as Detroit was noted in the article, Warren Rd either runs through miles of burnt out buildings or the cultural center. They went through Dearborn, skipped over us, and went right on into Dearborn Heights. Warrendale is one of the few communities left in Detroit that doesn't "look like" what people have stereotyped as a Detroit neighborhood (burnt out and/or dirty and/or unkempt), I think. It's frustrating to be passed over like that.
I agree that it's no fun to be skipped in an article like that. The only consolation that I can offer is that reporters can only cover so much of a 45 mile long story in an article as short as that.

Someone will just have to contact Arcadia Publishing (the folks who publish lots of local history books) and suggest that they publish one on either the history of the Warrendale neighborhood and/or one about the full 45 mile long stretch of Warren Avenue.

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