Monday, March 12, 2007

DPD Looking for Info on Dope Houses

I got an email from an officer with Detroit Police Department. If anyone has any information regarding locations in the Warrendale neighborhood where drugs are being sold, they would like to know about it.

You can leave an anonymous comment here. You can also email me at frank.nemecek [at]

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Rebecca said...

Hey, Frank. Is your friend still looking for info on dope houses? It's been a while, and I was just going over some of your old blogs and found this one again. Anyway, I could probably point him or her in a couple directions. Also, I hopefully will not be a Warrendaler or Warrendalian for much longer. My house got broken into for the second time in 15 months (the only two times in nearly 14 years), and I've had it. Between the drug activity, unsupervised youth, and this, I've had it. (Fortunately because of my fancy alarm, nothing was taken this time.) I've had a 30 year love/hate relationship with this city, paid my taxes, mowed my lawn, and voted. The love is all but gone.