Monday, February 19, 2007

Mail Bag: Wide Open Detroit (Part 2)

To continue my response to the Wide Open Detroit thread, Sugarbear wrote in to ask:
Hey Frank, haven't you been leaving disrespectful comments about Wide Open Detroit on and as 'Random Douchebag' for months now? How's it you just heard of Wide Open?
I have never used the handle "Random Douchebag" for any comments or posts on any message board. I have never left any comments on at all. If anyone wants to check my computer's browser history, just ask.

The only comment I ever left on was done almost a year ago and was in defense of Detroit Synergy. I left it under the user name of "FNemecek", which is the user name that I use for all of my posts and comments.

Since then, the only time I have visited is when someone tells me that either a) they're talking about me or b) they're using a photo of me. At that point, my curiousity gets the best of me. I'll log-on to see what they're saying or which photo they're using.

I don't know who this "Random Douchebag" person is. However, I think the user name pretty well describes him or her.

As for, the first time I heard of or visited the site was when an anonymous reader posted a question about why the person who runs that blog seems to hate me. I guess I know now why. It looks like he or she thinks that I'm the "Random Douchebag" person.

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