Saturday, February 17, 2007

Mail Bag: David Malhalab

Warrendale resident, retired police officer and candidate for the state senate in 2006 David L. Malhalab left a comment on this blog last month. I didn't notice it until recently. I wanted to mention it here to make sure that everyone noticed it.

Cractivist: his comments might be worth linking on your blog as well.
To rid Warrendale of prostitutes and narcotics..You have to stop the sale of narcotic paraphrenlia. I spent a lot of time, ticketing dollar stores, liquor stores and gas stations that sold Crack Pipes - to local crack heads and visiting crack heads, and prostitutes.

The Wayne Co Sheriff's ticketed a dollar store at WWarren-Grandville for selling Crack Pipes after, my complaint that they sold Crack Pipes to a 10 year old. Crack Pipes are small 4" glass tubes with a tiny silk flower inside them or a glass tube that looks like a pen.

Stop the the police or Wayne Co. Sheriff's..

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