Monday, February 19, 2007

City Income Taxes

I had a lengthy conversation about the City of Detroit's income taxes with a fellow Warrendale resident recently. It turns out that he didn't know about any of the ways to offset the cost of Detroit's resident income taxes. In the interest of passing along useful information to my neighbors, I wanted to mention a couple of things.

First, if you itemize your taxes then any taxes you pay to the state or local government are deductible from your federal taxes. For some folks, especially if your adjusted gross income is less than $30,000, it generally isn't worth it to itemize your tax deductions. For those of you who do itemize, don't forget to include your Michigan and Detroit taxes in that list.

From everyone who pays taxes, there is also the fact that a portion of your Detroit income taxes can be used as a credit towards your Michigan income taxes. When you're preparing your Michigan tax return, don't forget that section of the form.

Neither of these things will offset 100% of your city income taxes. However, this does take a large chunk of the bite out.

In the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that I'm working part-time as a tax preparer at one of the tax agencies in the neighborhood. Business was a bit slow in the end of 2006 so I needed the extra income.

Mail Bag: Wide Open Detroit (Part 2)

To continue my response to the Wide Open Detroit thread, Sugarbear wrote in to ask:
Hey Frank, haven't you been leaving disrespectful comments about Wide Open Detroit on and as 'Random Douchebag' for months now? How's it you just heard of Wide Open?
I have never used the handle "Random Douchebag" for any comments or posts on any message board. I have never left any comments on at all. If anyone wants to check my computer's browser history, just ask.

The only comment I ever left on was done almost a year ago and was in defense of Detroit Synergy. I left it under the user name of "FNemecek", which is the user name that I use for all of my posts and comments.

Since then, the only time I have visited is when someone tells me that either a) they're talking about me or b) they're using a photo of me. At that point, my curiousity gets the best of me. I'll log-on to see what they're saying or which photo they're using.

I don't know who this "Random Douchebag" person is. However, I think the user name pretty well describes him or her.

As for, the first time I heard of or visited the site was when an anonymous reader posted a question about why the person who runs that blog seems to hate me. I guess I know now why. It looks like he or she thinks that I'm the "Random Douchebag" person.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Bomb Scare in Warrendale

A homeowner in Detroit's Warrendale neighbor- hood got a nasty suprise Thursday afternoon when he found what appeared to be a bomb thrown inside of him home on Stout, between Tireman and Joy Road. WDIV-TV (Channel 4) reported that the device was removed from the home without incident. The station also reports that police told the homeowner that the bomb could have been thrown into his home as a case of mistaken identity.

Quite frankly, I don't know what someone could do that would warrant having a bomb thrown into their home. I do know, however, that incidents like this need to be persued aggresively by the police.

My fear, however, is that with all of the vacancies within the Detroit Police Department they simply don't have the manpower to give this the attention it deserves.

Rouge Park Meeting This Wednesday

The Friends of Rouge Park will have their next working meeting this coming Wednesday, February 21 at 6:00 p.m. The group will meet in St. Suzanne School, which is located at West Chicago and Westwood.

Those attending this meeting are asked to enter through the back door of the school building. A map to the location is available online here.

Everyone who lives near Rouge Park, or who simply has an interest in seeing the park become a cleaner, safer and more attractive resource is invited to attend.

Mail Bag: David Malhalab

Warrendale resident, retired police officer and candidate for the state senate in 2006 David L. Malhalab left a comment on this blog last month. I didn't notice it until recently. I wanted to mention it here to make sure that everyone noticed it.

Cractivist: his comments might be worth linking on your blog as well.
To rid Warrendale of prostitutes and narcotics..You have to stop the sale of narcotic paraphrenlia. I spent a lot of time, ticketing dollar stores, liquor stores and gas stations that sold Crack Pipes - to local crack heads and visiting crack heads, and prostitutes.

The Wayne Co Sheriff's ticketed a dollar store at WWarren-Grandville for selling Crack Pipes after, my complaint that they sold Crack Pipes to a 10 year old. Crack Pipes are small 4" glass tubes with a tiny silk flower inside them or a glass tube that looks like a pen.

Stop the the police or Wayne Co. Sheriff's..

Mail Bag: Wide Open Detroit

An anonymous reader wrote in to ask:
Hey Franky, what on earth did you do to the guys ?
I really don't know. Before you left that comment, I had never even heard of and since everything about the site is anonymous, I have no idea why they're annoyed with me.

I do know this: the guy behind it seems like a first-rate jackass, not just because of his comments but because he is so much of a coward that he insists on talking trash anonymously. If I knew what I did to bother him, I'd probably do it more often just out of spite.

Mail Bag: Winter Storm

In response to my post about the storm earlier this week, an anonymous reader wrote in to say:
Yeah, sure Frank, like the shovels would even be used if the people did have them.
To which Rebecca responded in the comments section:
Well, I used my shovel AND snowblower, as did many of my neighbors. Only thing, the CITY didn't appear to use theirs. Warren between Rouge Park and Wayne State was atrocious. They said on the news they were prepared. I didn't see a plow/salt truck until I hit Woodward at Forrest.
I have to side with Rebecca on this one. The clear majority of sidewalks are shoveled throughout the Warrendale neighborhood and have been since the snow stopped falling.

As for the City of Detroit and the fact that the Department of Public Works, they are supposed to plow residential side streets when we get more than 6 inches of snow. They never did that.

I know for a fact that some folks from the Mayor's Office check this site from time to time. I'll leave it to them to respond to that one.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Winter Storm Comes to Warrendale

The National Weather Service has a Winter Storm Warning in effect for the Warrendale neighbor- hood and most of south- eastern Michigan from Tuesday morning until Wednesday. We may see more than eight inches of snowfall over the next couple of days, with a couple of forecasters predicting as much as ten inches of it.

This makes today the perfect time to stock up on supplies and make sure the snow shovel is handy.