Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Mail Bag: Prostitution in Warrendale

In response to my post about the new ordinance for evictions, an anonymous reader wrote in to say:
I think the prostitutes and crack houses need to be evicted. If you get rid of the crack houses (mostly rented) the prostitutes will leave. What else would they have reason to prowl Warrendale if their walk to crack house was put out of business. Cut off their drug supply and they will leave.

Does this make sense to anyone else? I'm tired of getting propositioned walking out of Chicks or Hurry Inn. Maybe I should head towards Rouge Inn or Halligans.
No one around here will argue that crackheads and prostitutes aren't a detriment to the community or that they shouldn't be run out of town. In fact, one of my loyal readers has gone so far as to set-up her own blog about crackheads and how they are the bane of society's continued existence.

I wouldn't let that make stop visiting Chick's Bar or the Hurry Inn. The other bars just don't have the kind of vibe or flavor that they do. Why should you be the one to suffer because there are prostitutes in the neighborhood?

I say, have a little fun at their expense. When a prostitute propositions you, come up with a witty comeback and walk away. If you're not sure what to say, I recommend any of these.

Do it once or twice - and they'll leave you alone from now on.


Anonymous said...

the warrendale community org has to start putting it in high gear..thats the only hope for warrendale...we need a neighborhood news letter to go out to every address..and we need the business community to sponser that...the city and police are not going to help....what happened to the cool "warrendale banners"..on the light posts? money?...well start raising the money..get the word out..go door to door...the servive drives look like crap..why doesnt the warrendale org send out their own letters to the houses and business.....why isnt channel 2,4 and 7 contacted to do a "feelgood story"..on a neighborhood struggling?......if the president can dupe the country into spending 2 billion$ a day in iraq...than we can get the residents in warrendale to support....some nice banners and other landscaping....

Anonymous said...

What aggrivates me is when I call the cops on them when they proposition me at lights in my car or walking to neighborhood businesses they (the local police region office) tells me to call 911!

This sort of unresponsiveness needs to stop. What ever happened to community policing? Why is it that woul see more Detroit Police taking their breaks at the Ram's Horn on Greenfield in Dearborn than at somewhere like the Mexican A&W (sorry I go there but don't know the name) or L Georges?