Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Mail Bag: 2006 In Review (Part 3)

In response to my review of what 2006 has meant for the Warrendale neighborhood, an anonymous reader wrote in to say:
i want to put in my 2 cents.....2006, what a great year for warrendale..we lost la hacienda,blockbuster,papa wraps and a n w but gained wonderfull new business like...another dumpy beauty supply store..a cash loan pit..goodfellas wear(where u too can wear your pants down around your ankles)...and some 5th rate used car all we need is a pawn the criminals dont have far to go,after they break into your house or garage....yes warrendale is really going 2007 look for the chineese place across from farmer jack to close...more graffiti on peoples garages,houses and on anything that is clean...look for more crack heads on the corners ..more crime..more garbage ..more noise..lower property values...look for more good people to move out and take a huge loss....hahaha what a joke
First, we lost the Blockbuster Video and A & W before the start of 2006. I'm pretty sure that Rio Wraps has been gone for more than a year, but I'm not positive about that one.

Closing the Blockbuster Video was part of a nationwide trend. Blockbuster has been closing retail stores across the country for a couple of years now because they're seeing more and more of their business move to an internet-based model that doesn't require as many retail stores. That's hardly a reflection on either Detroit or the Warrendale neighborhood.

In addition, we already have new restaurants operating in the former locations of A&W and Rio Wraps. It's a change, but it's not a set-back.

As for the businesses that we gained in 2006, it's a lot more than the cash advance and beauty supply stores. We also gained:
  • a barber shop;
  • a laundromat;
  • a cell phone store;
  • a dollar store;
  • a pharmacy;
  • a tobacco shop;
  • a gas station; and
  • a medical supply store.
We also saw the Tipperary Pub re-open under new ownership, Warrendale Lube expand its facilty and Movie Mania Video make improvements to its fascade. All of that is in addition to the folks who fixed up vacant storefronts such as the former Novack Drugs and Pete's Bar; putting them on the market.

This is hardly an economic boom, but in comparison to the rest of southeastern Michigan - Warrendale is kicking some serious butt when it comes to new businesses opening up.


cracktown! USA said...

On a semi-related note...
Blockbuster video is a joke; I'm so happy to watch that crappy company go under! Warrendale, and the rest of the world, are better off without Blockbuster video.

Anonymous said...

frank ,you are right on, in your comments...sometimes i get carried away in my rants because..i care so much about about this area,just like you do...i dont think that the people around here know what a great location we are in..and the potential is so huge..i dont like the direction its taking.. i drive through west dearborn and see how cool it is(and keeps getting better)...and i just think that we could build off of that... dearborn is going to be the birmingham/royal oak of wayne county...and i think that warrendale could be the ferndale of wayne county..hip,cool,trendy..but i guess its just a dream....anyway...your website is great....and im glad your a neighbor

Anonymous said...

I don't see where anythings
being done to Pete's bar. Looks
like the same old dump to me.

FrankNemecek said...

Cracktown - I love it when you post a comment. We never pull a punch and we always know exactly where you stand on anything.