Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Mail Bag: 2006 In Review (Part 2)

Not to be outdone by the first anonymous reader, a second one wrote in response to my recap of 2006:
I wish the police would get those two people who panhandle on the corner of Southfield and Warren away. It just does not help the Warrendale community. The guy stands at the Mobil station and his girlfriend stands at the Chase bank. And by the way Frank, why are my messages removed? I see nothing improper about them. No foul language, no racists remarks. What gives? What happened to freedom of speech?
Regarding the two panhandlers (nicknamed "Caveman" and his "Girlfriend" by some in the neighborhood), from what I heard, the Girlfriend was found shot to death a few weeks ago. I haven't seen Caveman around in awhile. As for his Girlfriend's death, since the two of them were frequently linked to drug dealing and prostitution, I have a funny feeling that the case isn't the highest priority for the Detroit Police Department at the moment.

As for comments made here, the only time I remove something is if it either wreeks of spam or borders on libel. I don't think I've deleted anything as of late. The spam has really died down.

If you posted something and it isn't here anymore, the best guess I can make is that maybe Blogger killed it when I switched over to the new version of their software.

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