Monday, January 08, 2007

Evictions in Warrendale

A new ordinance has finally gone into effect that will change how renters are evicted in the Warrendale neighbor- hood as well as in the rest of Detroit.

Previously, when someone was evicted, all of their stuff was dumped on the sidewalk - creating a nasty eyesore and frequently blocking one's ability to walk on the aforementioned sidewalk.

Now, however, landlords are required to provide a roll-off container for all of the tenants belonging when they evict someone. The container must be removed within 48 hours.

If the landlord fails to either provide such a container or to remove it within 48 hours, he or she is now subject to a fine of $800. For any landlords who find their way to this blog, such a container will cost you about $300. I'm sure no one is thrilled with paying that, but it is definately cheaper than the $800 ticket.

You can get one of these containers from local vendors, such as Capital Waste (313-931-1300) or Recy-Clean (313-871-4000).

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