Monday, January 08, 2007

Evictions in Warrendale

A new ordinance has finally gone into effect that will change how renters are evicted in the Warrendale neighbor- hood as well as in the rest of Detroit.

Previously, when someone was evicted, all of their stuff was dumped on the sidewalk - creating a nasty eyesore and frequently blocking one's ability to walk on the aforementioned sidewalk.

Now, however, landlords are required to provide a roll-off container for all of the tenants belonging when they evict someone. The container must be removed within 48 hours.

If the landlord fails to either provide such a container or to remove it within 48 hours, he or she is now subject to a fine of $800. For any landlords who find their way to this blog, such a container will cost you about $300. I'm sure no one is thrilled with paying that, but it is definately cheaper than the $800 ticket.

You can get one of these containers from local vendors, such as Capital Waste (313-931-1300) or Recy-Clean (313-871-4000).


Anonymous said...

thanks for the info....i am a landlord..i live in warrendale and rent out a real nice house over in copper canyon.. ann arbor trail/warren......i am going through the eviction process for the first time right now...and it is pure HELL!!!.....not only do the tenents not pay their rent...they ruin the house..then we have to pay for this whole eviction process...with the baliff fee and this new dumpster a really good landlord..and rent out a house that is in someways better than the one i live in......the problem is not with the landlords ,its with the dreg tenents....we invest in the neighborhoods...just to have the scums ruin it....of course their are some bad landlords..but they didnt start off like that...this dumpster thing is going to be a real hit in the pocket book..but its the law and i will obay...but after 48 hours it will be LONG GONE!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think the prostitutes and
crack houses need to be evicted.
If you get rid of the crack houses
(mostly rented) the prostitutes
will leave.What else would they
have reason to prowl Warrendale
if their walk to crack house was
put out of business.Cut off their
drug supply and they will leave.
Does this make sense to anyone
else? I'm tired of getting prop-
ositioned walking out of Chicks
or Hurry Inn. Maybe I should head
towards Rouge Inn or Halligans.