Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Work at Sonny's Pizza

Workers were busy at Sonny's Pizza (17031 W. Warren Ave. - (313) 582-9722) over the weekend, expanding and remodelling their location just east of the Southfield Freeway. Sonny's is the newest addition to the competitive pizza market in Detroit's Warrendale neighborhood.

The folks at Sonny's managed to differentiate themselves from the half dozen or so other pizza places in the neighborhood by giving everything on their menu a Mediterranean flair to it, while still keep it affordable. All of the meat they use is Halal. They also have a variety of affordable Mediterranean dishes, such as shish kabob and a falafel platter, in addition to the standard fare of pizza and subs.


Anonymous said...

I live near Sonny's Pizza. I have noticed the alley behind it to be filthy. One day last week I came home from work and found someone from this place dumping things in the alley. I asked them to stop and explained that they are subjected to being ticketed for dumping. The person continued to dump in the alley. Feel free to drive down this alley if you don't believe me.

I would suggest getting your food from somewhere else. This person does not respect this neighborhood.

Should they clean up the alley I will let you all know.


Any Update on the alley behind
Sonny's Pizza...
Beware..Crack Pipes are being sold again in Warrendale.
The Dollar Store at WWarren-Grandville was ticketed by WCS after I got word they were selling to a 10 year old. WC Sheriff sent in an undercover team and got them.
Crack Pipes are glass tubes with small flowers in them or pens with glass stem. Boycott stores selling Crack Pipes and report them to the police or sheriff's.
David Malhalab
Sgt DPD Retired
I caught the dollar store at WWarren-Minock with 13,000 Crack Pipes several years ago, so there out there..look..
They are kept near the cash register or under the counter near the cash register. All you need to do is ask for a 'rose' or make a C with your thumb and first finger.