Thursday, November 16, 2006

This Amazes Me

There are moments when I see something that I am simply compelled to photograph. A beautiful sunset, for example, or my 4-year old neice playing with her friends.

Those are images that simply move me.

But there are images that I photograph simply because I can't believe I saw them. It's almost like I need to show this to other so I can have reassurance that I wasn't hallucinating.

Like when I went to shoot some photos of the Tipperary Pub - I saw a vacuum cleaner sitting in the middle of the Southfield service drive.

Exactly, in the middle.

Someone had to have positioned it there and done so deliberately. Perhaps as a commentary on "cleaning up the city". Perhaps they did it simply to make people like me photograph it and talk about it.

I don't know who put it there or how long it will stay, but the simple fact that it was there is something I won't forget any time soon.


Anonymous said...

Cool pic. I like it. Anybody
know when the Paul Street bridge
is going to open?

Me said...
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Anonymous said...

The picture of the vaccum cleaner doesn't amaze me at all. It probably is a sign that Detroit needs to "clean up" its act or be "cleaned up. I am currently a senior at Marygrove College. This blog really intrigued me, because for my final paper I choose to write about Illegal Dumping and how it affects the mental and physical health of children in Detroit. I,a born and raised Detroiter has seen how the city has worsened over the years. As I continued to research my topic, it amazed me how much blight I saw all over the city. I, too, reside in the Warrendale area and feel that much has been done and much more is needed. In concluding my research I found that children are so deeply affected by their environment and can lead to negative outcomes. The key to the makeover of Detroit, in terms of this epedemic, seems to me is accountability. City officials need to be held accountable, just as well as the residents in neighborhoods where illegal dumping is occuring in order to have this "problem" eradicated.